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Testimonials and Photos

From Tracie Costello, CEO/President of A Child's Place, extended care - Devon, PA: The kids had a great time on Monday!  When asked about the class they told me how it’s important to make eye-contact when meeting/talking to someone and that we should be using “please and thank you” all the time.  Sean added that sometimes we have to “compromise” when two people want to do different things.  (I had to help him remember the word but he totally got the concept!).  Mary Kate completed her entire work book later that day. They have even asked me several times this week when the next class will be which is the greatest indicator that they truly enjoyed themselves.  The true value of this class is measured by the increased use of  “please and thank you” in our home and the noticeably polite way the children speak to adults.  We are looking forward to scheduling the Communication Skills class for this May. We are reviewing the proposed camp program and think it will be a great addition to the summer here at ACP.

From Erica C. - Buckingham - Feedback Form:
1. Did your child seem happy and excited after leaving the course?
Meara enjoyed the three classes offered as part of the series. She was eager and excited upon arriving at the course and very happy (and knowledgeable) upon leaving the classes. She felt warmly welcomed, cared for and attended to during class, and engaged throughout the program.

2. Did she share with you some things she had learned? 
Meara and her friends took pride in sharing with me their learnings from the class on the ride home. Additionally, Meara gave my husband and I "etiquette lessons" every night of the course. She did this with much enthusiasm and great attention to detail. She also called faraway grandparents to share with them all of the things she learned in class from proper introductions to job interviewing skills to dining etiquette.

3. Did you feel comfortable with the instructor, the assistant, and the venue?
Lisa is warm, knowledgeable, and conveys a sense of pride in her work. This professional tone is carried throughout the classes and students benefit from realizing that etiquette skills and proper manners are a necessary ingredient for a successful social life. The assistant during the course related to the children well and, with her acting and role playing, kept the atmosphere engaging and fun. The North Wales Library and Bertucci's restaurant were the perfect venues for the course.

4. Did the instructor seem competent and professional?
See #3 above. Yes, Lisa presented herself very professionally, was engaging with students and parents, and presented the curriculum in a way that gave it the respect and place it deserves.

5. Is there anything that you wish the instructor had done or asked you or your child?
The curriculum was very thorough and I felt a lot of material was covered in a relatively short amount of time. It was the perfect breadth and depth of material for students of this age group.

6. Do you feel your child has absorbed some important information and, although it may be too soon, have you noticed any positive difference in her behavior?
Meara made an immediate shift to eating more properly and these changed habits have stayed, even though the course ended over a month ago. She eats "European Style" as she calls it and makes a very sincere effort to slow down her eating and interject conversation as she eats. She has demonstrated increased maturity and poise during mealtime in particular.

7. Any other positive or negative input or suggestion is welcomed.
The way in which the lessons were crafted and the material was presented helped the students feel at ease. The lessons were taught from the perspective of the importance of good social and professional conduct. Social "rules" were demystified, thereby helping to reduce the intimidation factor. Children are very receptive to understanding etiquette if it is presented in a way that they can relate to. Your Charming Child did just that.

From Denese Webb - Lansdale (from her blog, Plum): Call me old fashioned, but I really do want my kids to know their place settings and look you in the eye and stand for introductions. After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression - at any age! So, the other day while trolling the community pinboard at work, a little brochure caught my eye. Your Charming Child - "our goal is to help you develop confident, courteous and compassionate children". Gee, that kinda sounds like a few of my goals, too. Little Emerson Webb would soon be a student. 
She recently completed two classes - Table Manners and Social Etiquette. Table Manners just happened to take place the weekend before Thanksgiving and Emerson was thrilled to help set the holiday table and show off her new learned skills. I think she was a pinch annoyed that we didn't have proper salad forks. :) And then, last weekend she joined the Social Etiquette class which she equally enjoyed and even learned a new trick: if you get nervous about looking someone in the eye, just focus on the space between their eyes. Next month, Emerson will graduate from Your Charming Child by attending the final class {for now}: Communication Skills. With each achievement she earns a reference material and award certificate, not to mention a new found respect for etiquette. Needless to say, I'm thrilled!

From Girl Scout Troops 23 & 21809 - Jamison/Furlong, PA:  Dear Ms. Lisa and Ms. Donna, Thank you very much for eagerly sharing your time and knowledge with us so that we could earn our Junior Girl Scouts' "Social Butterfly" badges!  We truly appreciate how much effort you put into providing such informative and fun lessons about manners and etiquette. Many thanks!

From Laurie P. - Yardley: There is no doubt a program like this is absolutely necessary for all children (and adults can benefit too). The problem for some, however, might be in justifying the cost. It was easy for me to make the investment because I sat down and tallied all of the non-essential spending we do on our kids (from parties, movies, sports activities, those pricey sneakers, etc.). We concluded that these life skills will be with our children long into adulthood. Will learning how to kick a ball serve them equally? I don't think so. This sealed the deal for us and I am glad our kids participated. They had some fun while learning. Surely a wise investment and a no-brainer for us.

From Adele K. -  Doylestown: My three children learned so much from Miss Lisa from your program through Doylestown Parks and Recreation. One example - on the same day they attended the Table Manners class, we had company for dinner and they utilized all they had learned. My ten-year-old even did the dishes that night to impress everyone! I would recommend this class for all ages.  Thanks, Lisa!

From K.J. -  Hoboken, NJ (
Brownie Troop Leader)Thank you again for the wonderful session you led on Friday.  The girls really enjoyed it.  The children were definitely happy and excited after leaving class.  A couple of them were engrossed in their workbooks and had begun coloring in them. They spoke about the bullying component, and loved the goody bags! Donna and Sally were outstanding.  Well-organized, pleasant, positive, enthusiastic, upbeat – I can’t say enough good things. The instructor was well-prepared, knew the material well and was overall extremely professional. The session was comprehensive and a lot of material was covered in an hour. I was amazed how well-behaved the kids were during the session itself!  They were definitely their best selves.  Actually, I do think my daughter has been expressing herself in a more confident way since the session took place.  I think some important information was observed about introductions and bullying. I was very pleased with the session.  It is one thing to try to teach your own children these things, but when they hear them in a group, delivered by an expert, it is accepted in a different way.  The session also reinforces things that we would like the girls to learn as Girl Scouts.

From M.A. - Newtown, PA (one-on-one, adult Dining Skills session): (Lisa) put me at ease; not at all stuffy. Very encouraging. You might want to devote a section of your website to the importance of manners in a business setting. You can even do it in a group setting of friends. I think they would like it!

From Mary L. - Buckingham, Pa:  Thank you so much for your kind note and the great class you and Donna taught!  Kiera and Kevin really enjoyed it and I could tell they learned a lot right away.  We went out for dinner that night and Kevin immediately put his napkin on his lap. Nice.  If you'd like to send me a feedback form, I'd be happy to fill it out. Thanks again. It was a great experience from start to finish.

From Rhonda H. - Macungie, PA:  Lena truly enjoyed the class and said that it was beneficial and enjoyable.  I'm confident that the skills and tips that she learned from you will make her more comfortable in conversation.  She also loved the table manners session today. Brett would like to take the class, so please keep me posted when you hold future sessions that would be appropriate for him to join. Thank you again for your flexibility and graciousness in allowing Brett and Lizzy to stay at your home during the class.  It is appreciated.  Please feel free to use me as a reference for people considering the class. 

From L.B. - Doylestown, PA:  Dear Lisa, Thank you.  Katelyn took a lot away from the class.  Last night she served my husband and me using the menu she created in class and set the table appropriately.  She even placed ice cubes in a bowl and placed them in our glasses with tongs! Last week she called 3 friends to invite them to a movie and sleepover and spoke with their parents relaying all of the details.  We were really impressed at her initiative! So thank you very much for everything.  I think Katelyn now understands what an advantage your classes have given her.

From Bonnie C. - Paramus, NJ: What a much-needed course! I was so thrilled to see that this was offered in my area. My son and daughter had a private course with their 2 cousins and had such a good time.  Plus, they took away so much important information that I would never think to cover. As parents, we think we have it 'under control' but we are not perfect. The kids learned respect, empathy, good communication as well as how to behave with civility. Their  behavior at restaurants has been great and they enjoy sharing what they learned with my husband and me.  It's a learning experience for us all! Thank you to Donna and Lisa who put their hearts into this program.

From Lauren H. - Lansdale, PA (Brownie Troop): Thank you so much for sending that adorable, age-appropriate booklet to Zoe. As you can imagine, she was very excited to receive such a sweetly decorated package and has already begun to make notes in it.
We all enjoyed your program so much. On Saturday we attended my twin nephews' bar mitzvah and, I have to say, Annabel was noticeably more confident and at ease. I think she felt much more relaxed knowing precisely what was expected from her in that type of social situation! Basically, the timing couldn't have been better; she was indeed charming. I am sure that she made a lovely impression, but, more importantly I think  the lessons that Annabel learned from you helped her to feel more comfortable. Annabel has always been "polite enough," and very gracious with "please and thank you," but in this instance she greeted people much more clearly, shook hands and made purposeful and friendly eye contact. Although we were only with you for an hour, I think your program made a strong impression, and I couldn't be more pleased. I can see that Annabel will ultimately enjoy herself more in social situations now that she has a collection of clear, defined behaviors that she can rely on to be appropriate and polite. Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you soon.

From Jeanne K. - Perkasie, PA: My 11-year-old son had taken Lisa's Social Skills class over the summer with 6 other children and had a lot of fun. He learned so much about how to act in various social settings which will allow him to feel comfortable and confident in different situations, whether they be formal or social. Zach enjoyed acting out the proper and improper ways of doing things. I think these classes are helpful to parents considering all of the negative behaviors thrown at our children (from the media and celebrities, etc). Lisa and her assistant were great with the kids and I highly recommend all of her classes. She enjoys what she does.
From Aesha T. - Jamison, PA:  My son recently attended the course and it was a great experience for him. My son was very happy after returning from all the classes. He told me that there are different greetings in different countries. He found it funny that in Europe people kiss on the cheeks when they meet each other. After returning from table manners class he told me that corn and peas are to be eaten with a fork not a spoon and he kept on telling me about how many different kinds of spoons and forks there are. Lisa is very nice and sweet and has a special way of communicating these manners to children. My son loved the role play during the class and his favorite character by far was Mr. Mistake (no wonder since I am sure he makes so many of them LOLZ). My son learned a lot of important things in these classes that he will be able to carry through his life and a lot of things will come back to him once he goes into a formal setting especially with the table manners class. Thanks Lisa for providing such an excellent experience for my son and for realizing how important manners are for our kids. We are losing them as our society is becoming more and more casual by the day.
From Mickey S. - New Hope, PA: I found Lisa and Your Charming Child online. I had been looking for an etiquette class for my two daughters and was so relieved to find her. Both of my daughters attended the three classes that Lisa offers. They really enjoyed the classes and came home full of good, useful information to use in their everyday lives!! Lisa offers a fun, professional environment for the kids.

From Michelle  - Doylestown, PA: My children (6 and 8) loved this course and came away with some great tips and habits.
From: Karen V. - Jamison, PA (Brownie Troop Leader):  As a mother of a 9 year old and as a Brownie Leader, I am always looking for ways to creatively and gently teach social skills. Your "Social Butterfly" program was very well received by my daughter and my Brownie Troop.  The modeling and role playing that is incorporated throughout your presentation was fun for the girls. More importantly, the messages we received visually, kinesthetically and auditorially.  They will be more likely to remember them when they are in situations that require those skills.  Recently, following the program, we spent time with my father and mother-in-law. I noticed a marked improvement in the eye contact and engagement my daughter exhibited with them.  She has always been very polite, however, I think practicing small talk helped her to feel more confident with older people with whom she spends less time. Thank you for an engaging program.

From Susanne P. - Hilltown, PA: I searched on-line for etiquette classes in the area, and I was surprised and pleased to find that help was literally in my back yard! I did not hesitate to schedule training with Lisa, as I have known her for many years and find her to be kind, well-spoken, and relatable. I knew she would make my daughter feel comfortable and offer training on her level. She was confident that Tara would benefit from her program, and I was so happy to have a trusted resource at hand.
Because Tara was slightly older than most students in Lisa’s program, she suggested a private training session, tailored for a teenage girl. She was able to incorporate training that addressed my specific concerns. My daughter was, of course, apprehensive at first, but willing to go when I explained to her that she should consider the program an asset, and anything she might learn would only help her be successful and confident. 
Tara returned from the training excited and happy! She thoroughly enjoyed the program. She told me she would recommend the training to anyone, as Lisa and Donna discussed areas she really was unsure of. She enjoyed both the training subjects and the way the program was conducted. She felt at ease with the women, and even considered the training “fun.” After attending the training, she is more confident in social situations. Before she leaves for an event, I usually tell her to “remember Mrs. Butowsky’s training!”
I believe you will be pleased if you decide to have your child attend a “Your Charming Child” class. Should you need additional information about our experience with the program, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Additional references (including feedback from teens and adults who have had private sessions) and contact numbers are available upon request.
From Kelly H. - Collegeville: So after a 2.5 hour session with Your Charming Child, Cassie volunteered to cook and serve (and clean!!) dinner for the family. Salmon, broccoli, salad and bread--and ice cream for dessert. It may be modern day Manchurian Candidate--but I loved it!! Well worth the investment -- the kids want more lessons!! 






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