Confidence, Courtesy and Compassion
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Why Learn Etiquette?

Have you ever observed a child exhibit a behavior that disappoints, shocks, or embarrasses you?
  Have you ever encountered a child who...

  •  is disrespectful with actions or words toward an adult or another child?
  • misbehaves in a restaurant or is loud or messy while eating?
  • uses his/her cell phone incessantly while in the company of others?
  • does not practice good hygiene or dresses inappropriately?
  • is unaware of others’ feelings and says or does hurtful things?
  • exhibits rude behavior such as teasing, whispering, or pointing?
  • rolls his/her eyes or makes faces when spoken to by an adult?
  • feels entitled to things instead of appreciative and grateful?
Does it make you sad to see a child who...
  • feels shy and awkward in social situations?
  • is ungrateful and doesn’t recognize how fortunate he/she really is?
  • is not confident and declines parties or events for fear of socializing with peers?
  • does not make friends easily or does not get along with others?
  • does not offer to help others he/she sees may need assistance?
  • bullies others or is being bullied because he/she has a hard time relating to peers?

Would it make you proud to see your child...

  • looking comfortable in a social situation and being the "life of the party"?
  • including others in conversation and knowing how to be a good listener?
  • aiding a child who is being bullied?
  • offering his/her seat to an elderly person?
  • exhibiting behaviors which makes one a good host and guest?
  • opening doors and helping an adult carry packages (or in any way) without being asked?
  • feeling at ease when meeting a disabled person? 
  • behaving in a way that doesn't embarrass you?
  • knowing how to be gracious when receiving an "unappealing" gift?
  • taking the initiative to write a thank you note? 

We have all observed the many wonderful and joyous behaviors children exhibit but also, too often, the lack of basic manners or respect in some. Empathy for others and respect for adults seem to be going by the wayside as well.  With our program, we remind children of the “old” (sometimes forgotten) rule: treat others as we would like to be treated.  We focus on the feelings of others and what is right and wrong. We demonstrate this through role playing which is a fun way for children to fully understand what it is like to be in someone else’s shoes. In our Social Skills class, children not only learn how to get along with their peers, but how to respectfully interact with their parents and all adults as well.

In this high-tech world, it seems emailing and texting have replaced face-to-face communication. However, human interaction will always be a necessity and we shouldn’t deprive our children of its importance. Our Communication Skills class teaches children how to communicate with their peers, personally, helping them make friends easier.

Finally, table manners are not a “luxury” only the elite should possess. In our Dining Etiquette class, we teach basic table manners for any situation which is appreciated by all and which will be beneficial throughout one’s life at social and workplace functions.

It is obvious that life gets busy and, although parents are trying their best, it is a challenge to do everything. We are here to help you. There was a time when families lived close to one another and children were held accountable and "in check" by aunts, uncles, grandparents and neighbors. This is not always the case these days. Afterall, it does 'take a village' to raise a child!

"Good manners is the art of making those people easy with whom we  converse. Whoever makes the fewest people uneasy is the best bred in the room.”       

~Jonathan Swift (Irish author and satirist)

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